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Petrol Driven Air Compressors

A petrol driven air compressor is one that is powered by a petrol engine. Petrol driven air compressors are popular because of their versatility. First of all, unlike electric powered air compressors, these compressors can be carried to a site and used without the need for electric power availability. This makes them ideal for use in construction sites and other areas where electricity connection is a problem.

Further, the petrol driven air compressors allow for control of the engine power. When low output is needed, the engine is adjusted to run slower thereby optimizing fuel consumption, wear and tear, and reducing noise.

Petrol driven air compressors are also more affordable upfront which makes them ideal for hobbyists and small businesses that do not have a big budget to invest in big air compressors. These air compressors are good value for money is desired. They might require a bit more maintenance than electric driven air compressors. However, maintenance is also affordable.

Do not buy an air compressor until you have talked to the real air compressor experts in Kenya. We are here to ensure that you make the best choice possible for your investment based on the needs you have for the air compressor. From individual use, professional use and industrial, we have air compressors to suit a wide range of needs and budget.

We stock quality petrol driven air compressors and electric air compressors too so you have variety to choose from. Contact us today for more information.