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What types of air compressors do you have in stock?

We stock a wide variety of quality air compressors. We also have different types. Some are portable for use in situations where mobility is required. Others are stationary for use in industries and workshops.

What kind of maintenance is required for my air compressor?

The maintenance practices depend highly on the type of air compressor you have. However, in many air compressors, the oil and air filters need regular change. For a rotary screw compressor oil should be changed after about 8000 hours. For a reciprocating air compressor, the oil should be changed after every 3 months.

What size of air compressor is good for me?

The size of the air compressor you should get depends highly on the total power output you need. For instance, of you are using the air compressor to power different tools, determine the power each tool needs and the total for all of them. Tell us your needs and we can help you to choose the right tool.

Do I need a diesel, petrol or electric air compressor?

The choice on the power depends on how you intend to use the compressor. For remote use where electricity is not available a diesel or petrol powered will be the best option. For use in a workshop or where a lot of movement is not required, an electric air compressor will be the best option.

Does a new air compressor have to be broken in?

An air compressor doesn't have to be "broken in." The air compressor should operate normally right from the beginning.

Do you have spare parts for your air compressors?

Yes. We stock all necessary spare parts for all the models we sell to make it easy for you to get spare parts in case you need a replacement.