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Belt drive air compressor

Air compressors can either be belt drive or direct drive. In the direct drive compressor, the motor is connected directly to the crankshaft of the compressor. These air compressors are therefore more power efficient and operate at low temperatures. On the flip side they are noisier, require more maintenance and are expensive to purchase upfront.

In the belt drive air compressor, there is a belt that connects the motor to the crankshaft of the compressor. A pulley system is used to offer flexibility to adjust the air flow and pressure as desired. These air compressors are usually cheaper to buy and easier to maintain.

Most belt drive air compressors are also lubricated which ensures their durability and keeps them quiet during operation. Usually also, most belt drives allow for the pump to spin much slower than the motor. This reduces wear and tear ensuring longevity of the motor. On the contrary in most direct drive air compressors, the pump rotates at the same speed as the motor which can cause problems.

Belt drive air compressors are a good choice when you want something that is easier to maintain, cheap to buy, and last long. If you are in need of a belt drive air compressor you should consider us. We have experience supplying superior quality belt drives for many businesses and individuals in the country and beyond. Plus, if you are stuck on deciding between the two, we can help you make an informed choice based on your needs and budget.