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Benefits of Air Compressors
  • Highly portable
  • Improved productivity
  • Multi-function utility
  • Cheap power source
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Low operating costs
  • Offer more comfort over a longer period of time due to their small size
  • Compact, light, quiet & easy to move

About Air Compressors

As a leading supplier of air compressors for sale in Kenya, we pride ourselves in supplying the best and highly durable products.

An air compressor is a machine that uses a petrol driven engine or electric motor to power a device that sucks in successive air volumes from the atmosphere, compresses each air volume in a confined place to increase its pressure by making the volume much smaller, and then transfers the high-pressure air to a receiver tank. The high-pressure air is drawn off from the receiver tank to power the equipment at hand.

There are 3 types or air compressors:

(i) Reciprocating compressor (Belt Driven- Electric). Uses a piston in a cylinder to squeeze the air.
(ii) Rotary screw compressor (Petrol Driven). Uses a rotating spiral screw of gradually diminishing volume to compress the air.
(iii) Centrifugal compressor (Direct - Electric). Uses a rotating impeller to transfer momentum to the air consequently compressing it.

Our air compressors can be used in car or bike tires, pneumatic nail guns, car painting, air blow gun for machinery cleaning, spraying crops, cleaning places with pressure compressed air.

Air Compressor prices in kenya

Pacwell Air Compressors (Single Phase)
25L - Ksh 16,000 (2hp-Direct)
50L - Ksh 26,000 (2hp-Direct)
50L - Ksh 39,000 (2hp-Belt Driven)
100L - Ksh 46,000 (3hp-Belt Driven)
150L - Ksh 52,000 (3hp-Belt Driven)
200L - Ksh 65,000 (4hp-Belt Driven)
200L - Ksh 75,000 (7.5hp-Belt Driven)
300L - Ksh 110,000 (5hp-Belt driven)

Pacwell Air Compressors (Three Phase)
200L - Ksh 78,000 (5.5hp - Belt driven)
300L - Ksh 105,000 (5hp Belt driven)
500L - Ksh 148,000 (7.5hp Belt driven)

Pacwell Air Compressors (Petrol Engine)
50L - (3.0hp) Ksh 37,000
50L - (5.5hp) Ksh 46,000
100L - (6.5hp) Ksh 56,000
100L (With 5.5hp Honda Engine) - Ksh 66,000
200L - (6.5hp) Ksh 62,000
200L (With 6.5hp Honda Engine) - Ksh 72,000

Milano/AICO Electric Compressors (Single Phase)
25L - Ksh 15,500 (Direct)
50L - Ksh 20,000 (Direct)
50L - Ksh 37,000 (Belt Driven)
100L - Ksh 45,000 (Belt Driven)
150L - Ksh 50,000 (Belt Driven)
200L - Ksh 55,000 (Belt Driven)
300L - Ksh 70,000 (Belt Driven)

Milano/AICO Electric Compressors (Three Phase)
200L - Ksh 80,000 (Belt Driven)
300L - Ksh 145,000 (Belt Driven)

Milano/AICO Petrol Air Compressors
50 Litres - Ksh 45,000
100 Litres - Ksh 50,000
150 Litres - Ksh 58,000
200 Litres - Ksh 60,000

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Compressor Machine Price in Kenya
Compressor Price in Kenya
Air Compressor for Sale in Kenya
Air Compressor Machine

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Compressor Machine Price in Kenya
Compressor Price in Kenya
Air Compressor for Sale in Kenya
Air Compressor Machine

Choosing The Best

Air Compressors in Kenya

Air compression started way back in the 1800s and over the years, invention and improvement of air compressors has continued to happen. There are now different types of air compressors available that use different mechanisms to compress air. The first air compressor was used in mining back in 1861. However, the uses of air compressors are now wide and varied.

If you are looking for air compressors for sale in Kenya, then you might have come across different capacities, many different models and different sizes. So which air compressor is right for you?

Common Types of Air Compressors

There are different types of air compressors. However, air compressors can be categorized based on their mode of operation or how they are powered. Using the mode of operation, air compressors can be categorized as either reciprocating piston air compressors or rotary screw air compressors.

Reciprocating piston air compressors

These air compressors are also called piston air compressors. They use a mechanism that has a lot of movement of pistons, crankshafts, valves and many other parts. They are used in many small businesses because they are inexpensive to purchase upfront. These air compressors are good where very high pressures are required. The small ones are air cooled but the large machines use water cooling to avoid overheating and maintain efficiency.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

These air compressors have much less movement of parts involved. Only two rotating screws might come into contact with each other during operation and without friction which reduces wear and tear. The rotary screw air compressors operate continuously unlike the reciprocating piston air compressors that are used intermittently to avoid overheating. These types of air compressors cost more upfront than the reciprocating piston air compressors. These air compressors are usually air cooled and come in compact designs.

Petrol and electric air compressors

Air compressors may also be categorized as petrol driven or electric based on how they are powered. Petrol driven ones are more versatile because they can operate in areas without electricity or when there is no power.

Uses of Air Compressors

Air compressors may also be grouped into three broad categories based on where they are used. These are; consumer grade, professional grade and industrial grade. The consumer grade air compressors are ideal for use at home. They are used for functions such as inflating tires and powering small tools like staplers.

Professional grade air compressors are used in small businesses and with DIY enthusiasts that have more powerful tools. They provide more power and can be used to power several big tools at once.

Industrial grade air compressors – these air compressors are huge workhorses that provide reliable power for an industry or oil rig. They are used for a wide array of purposes including; moving conveyor belts, spray coating, packaging products, cooling and freezing, cutting and welding, operating machinery and so much more.

Where to buy air compressor in Kenya

If you are looking for an air compressor, there are many air compressor dealers in the country. However, when buying an important piece of equipment like an air compressor you should only deal with a dealer you can trust. We are a leading supplier of air compressors in the country with experience and expertise.

We deal with only superior quality air compressors for instance Milano, AICO and Fiac air compressors. We have been doing this for long and can help you choose the best air compressor for your needs. We have a wide variety of air compressors in stock to cater for different needs and budget points.

We also stock different capacities of air compressors from 50 litres to 500 litres and different power needs. We have small machines requiring minimal powers like 5HP and 10HP air compressors to big machines of over 20HP.

When buying an air compressor, the price is a huge consideration for many people. If you were worried about the air compressor price in Kenya, then worry no more because we stock different models and sizes with different prices. Since we are direct suppliers we are able to get high quality air compressors to you at the best prices. What's more we help you to choose the machine that suits your needs so you do not overspend on a big air compressor that you do not need.

We are here to ensure that you get value for your money. Contact us today for more information about our models or to learn more about the air compressor that will work best for you.